Equine Assisted Team Building Testimonies

Great way to build community, recognize group dynamics and grow in relationship with one another. Multitude of insights that we will continue throughout the year to process.

Rev. Kevin Schubert

I learned that a gentle approach works better than trying to force an issue. The whole experience was unique and helped me rethink my relationships


I had never been around horses, but I was comfortable with all the exercises.


I learned how to lead a horse! Our group really does work well together. All of our group participated with willingness.


The activities with the horses and donkey reinforced for me the great group of people we have – the relationship with the horses provided an interesting way to think about our community.

Frances Rickard

How well we are able to work together. No great leader, no big follower but working beside each other. A great place to be outdoors and learn about each other.


This is a great experience for people who are not used to being around horses. No need for close horse-to-human interaction if the human is uncomfortable with it. (I learned that) overachieving is possible without too much effort. Don’t worry about “lack” of resources; use what is available

Ramon Trevino

I learned more about our individualism and group strengths and weaknesses – especially our group dynamics.