Equine Teambuilding Process

The Team Building & Group Process

The work combines physical, cognitive, and emotional modalities in playful and imaginative ways. First, your team is assigned a task with the herd with feet and hooves on the ground in an arena where the animals respond and interact naturally.  During and after each activity, leaders facilitate discussion about their observations of actions of the animals and people. Then the metaphorical work begins: For example, the horses may “become” the potential clients that you are trying to establish a working relationship and  the horses' reactions become the reactions your clients may have. Everything in and around the arena can give metaphorical information: the fence may illustrate work parameters, halters and ropes become your “ties” to one another, and the barrels are your goals. Groups find different perspectives as they experiment with new ideas and strategies with the equines.

Children's Groups

Equine-Assisted Group Activities can be beneficial to children in support groups, learning groups, and those in family groups. In the wild, all adult members of the herd raise and protect the young so equines often have a sensitivity to children.  Due to the metaphorical nature of the EAG process, child participants need some verbal skills. Safety is always our top priority.  We also have a herd of miniature horses as a resource for children’s groups and family groups.

Afraid of Horses?

Each participant interacts with the horses and donkeys at their own comfort level. The focus of the activities is on your group dynamics and how each of you contributes to the team. Any participant can opt to be an observer for any tasks, since each team-building activity includes an observer feedback component.