Pre-Marital Counseling

You have your partner, the rings, the gown, the perfect venue for your wedding, so why not take that kind of care preparing for your marriage, as well?  Or you and your partner have lived together for a significant time and you are considering a lifetime commitment and have some questions.  Or you are in your senior years or entering a second or third marriage and realize issues are different now than when you were younger.

Sandi Wilcox offers premarital counseling to couples using the Prepare/Enrich program for couples marrying for the first time, couples who already have children, couples who have cohabited for over two years, and also couples marrying in their senior years. She is certified as a counselor for the Twogether In Texas program.   Couples usually meet for four two-hour sessions, which includes financial planning, Family of Origin counseling, and customized wedding ceremony planning.