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Equine Assisted Services Overview

Equine assisted learning activities provide powerful, effective, interesting, and fun educational experiences for individuals and groups. Most of all, interacting with equines benefits participants, because, as those of us working in the field see all the time, it works! The growth and learning of all involved is intense and rewarding. Group activities in the arena with equines such as horses, donkeys, and mules stimulate insights about relationships.

Many kinds of groups can benefit from Equine Assisted activities such as:

• Work teams
• Governing boards
• Support groups
• Youth groups (6 years old +)
• Spiritual retreats
• Family Reunions

All activities are on the ground (not on horseback). All activities are guided by two facilitators certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA).

Equines as prey animals learn to tune in to other herd members for safety and thus learn early about fear, anger, playfulness, or pain. Horses bring honesty to emotional awareness, neither judging emotions or behaviors as negative or positive nor trying to suppress feelings. Equine intuition and ability to reflect our emotions is life enhancing.

Equine Assisted activities can stimulate a variety of benefits such as:

• Group Building
• Assertiveness Skills
• Communication Skills
• Present-Centered Awareness
• Relationship Exploration
• Boundary Setting
• Parenting Skills

Sessions are held at Natural Horseway, outside of Belton, Texas about 30 miles from the Austin city limits. For more information about the facility, visit the Natural Horseway website.

Our top priority during activities is your safety. Becky Strassner, an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist, is available in the arena at all times for safety and for her insights and observations about the horses.

Services provided by:

Becky Strassner
EAGALA certified Equine Specialist

Natural Horseway


Sandi Wilcox
EAGALA certified Mental Health Specialist