Description of Psychotherapy

Most of us have coping skills that work for us when we are handling only one or two crises at a time. But sometimes, life can come at us from several directions at once. Even changes that we see as positive may overwhelm us. We may react with anxiety that puts us into a “fight or flight” mode that shuts down our creative thinking. Or we may react with depression as our psyche tries to escape from emotional pain. Either reaction, anxiety or depression, affects our relationships, our sense of self-worth, our work, and our ability to problem-solve.

Psychotherapy carves out a sanctuary of time and space to unravel and examine the different strands of our lives. As we pull up these different strands into our consciousness, we are better able to make intentional choices that give us the lives we want.

Sandi Wilcox provides an environment of unconditional positive regard for her clients. She draws from several theories such as Self-Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioral theory, and Family Systems theory.

She also has experience in Depth Psychology in which material from the unconscious part of ourselves informs our life decisions. This material can be accessed through dream analysis and Imaginal work.

Sandi’s insightful questions and feedback help clients to express and understand their feelings. In that process, children, adults, individuals, couples, and families can take charge of personal choices that are more life-giving.