Are you feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? Anxiety and depression can put us in a panic mode and block our thinking. Psychotherapy gives us a safe place and time to “express” the stress so that we may find creative solutions and alternatives.

Psychotherapy services in Austin, TX

Premarital Counseling

Put prepare for marriage on your to-do list as you plan for your wedding.

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Pre-Marital counseling services in Austin, TX

Equine Assisted Therapy
Not Available at this time

Horses, donkeys, mules, and miniature horses as herd animals can teach us a lot about human relationships. Sandi offers two equine-assisted services based at Natural Horseways in Belton, Texas.

Equine Assisted Services in Austin, TX

Wilcox Therapy | Psychotherapy, Premarital Counseling and Equine Assisted Therapy

Family Therapy in Austin, TX

Sandi Wilcox offers services that include personal in-depth counseling, Dream Group, team-building and pre-marital counseling.

She is a therapist who offers psychotherapy as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Austin area.

Sandi offers equine assisted services such as psychotherapy and team-building exercises at Natural Horseways in the central Texas area.

Sandi has 20 years of experience as a pre-marital counselor for couples marrying for the first time, marrying with children, marrying in their senior years, or just contemplating a lifetime commitment with their partner.

Psychotherapy Professional in Austin, TX

Gain a non judgmental understanding

Benefits of psychotherapy depend on your willingness to become more self-aware on a daily basis. Self-awareness often comes from recalling and talking about unpleasant aspects of your history or present situation, which may bring up unpleasant feelings such as anger, sadness or shame. Although it may be necessary to talk about painful or embarrassing subjects, the role of the therapist is to listen non-judgmentally and with understanding. Our sessions have the potential to help you better understand your values, goals and most importantly, yourself.

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If you are a Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna insurance holder, Sandi Wilcox is In Network Provider. She can file claims for you.

She will ask you for your ID number, birth-date, and address.

For other providers, she is an Out Of Network Provider. She can provide receipts for services that you can then file if you wish.